Services & Equipment

Manual Feed Press is a full service design and print studio. No job is too small and there are no minimum orders. Please visit the CONTACT page to inquire about working with us.

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Screen printing

The studio was first opened with 2 clamps, a screen, and a squeegee in a basement. Screen printing is incredibly versatile, capable of reproducing a wide range of artistic styles on almost any flat material. From photographic reproductions to fine art prints to wedding invitations, on paper, wood, glass, and fabric, screen printing will always be the heart of the studio.

At Manual Feed Press, we value screen printing most of all for it's ability to lay down flat, vibrant, and perfectly color-matched ink. And it really shines when transparent colors are allowed to overprint each other, producing shades and tones and texture that no digital process can reproduce.


digital printing


Digital inkjet printing, AKA giclée, is done at MFP on an Epson Stylus Pro 7900. This 24" wide inkjet printer has 11 ink channels loaded with genuine Epson UltraChrome HDR inks. With light shades of cyan and magenta, four shades of black, plus orange and green, this printer can reproduce a much wider gamut than a typical CMYK printer.

MFP can digitally reproduce photographs and artwork on paper, canvas, and specially coated aluminum panels.



Design and illustration

MFP offers full service